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Alex, I like you was always chosen to strip to the waist when playing shirts vs skins football or basketball.

I did not like it at first but soon got used to it and it was a lot more comfortable than running around with a shirt on sweating.

There were a couple of lads in the barbers waiting for a haircut,they started sniggering when they saw I had shorts on!

You know the type of laughter they were trying to stifle but couldn't suppress. Yes I do remember the cold aspect of wearing shorts in winter and the grey woolly socks didn't cover enough of the legs.

Someone once said that "talk's cheap" but I paid very dearly for that conversation.

The comments about hair length reminded me of a memorable episode in the mid 1960s - when the Beatles' style of long hair was very much in vogue.

My parents considered that a particularly short hairstyle complimented my looks and with my ultra short trousers gave that 'young boy look'which is what they achieved.

Although we had a very strict school uniform,there was no restriction on when we were allowed to wear short trousers,so after my mother checked with my form teacher,it was decreed that I should remain wearing short trousers till I left school.

The effect was mortifying to be the only boy in my class still wearing short trousers and I had to endure the same cruel verbal abuse simply for the amusement of my contemporaries.

Of course,shorts were considerably shorter in the seventies,which of course appealed to my mother as she considered boys looked much smarter when wearing that particular style.

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